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Our legislative priorities are vetted and raised by our General and Specialty Contractor, Associate, and Supplier members. When we bring an issue to the Legislature, it has been signed off on by all aspects of the Commercial Construction Industry.

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Construction Defects (HB 21 – Representative Alex Andrade/SB 270 – Senator Keith Perry): Chapter 558 was originally created to allow contractors and owners to resolve defect disputes outside of court and without their attorneys. Unfortunately, this is now mainly used as a pre-suit process instead. That is why the team at ABC Florida East Coast Chapter works to seek smaller reforms to help reduce issues with this process.
Public Works Projects (HB 53 – Representative Nick DiCeglie/SB pending – Senator Jason Brodeur): By passing this legislation we could help make the bidding process for public projects much fairer for contractors throughout the state. We believe that the bidding process for public procurement projects should be as fair as possible. This means that these projects should go to the bidder that is considered to be the most responsive, most responsible, and most qualified. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. At ABC Florida East Coast Chapter we will work to ensure that these bids go to the best bidder.
Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs (HB 175 – Representative Jason Shoaf/SB 508 – Senator Jeff Brandes): We are working to continue to build on the apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs available to those throughout the state of Florida. This legislation would help establish a seat on the State Apprenticeship Advisory Council for someone from the Department of Economic Opportunity, it would help clarify that the government doesn’t intend to mandate Apprentice Education as part of public procurement, and so much more. This legislation would also make sure that parents receive information regarding workforce education opportunities. This information would include information about annual salary, pathways to careers, and so much more.

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At ABC Florida East Coast Chapter we are proud to be able to help those in the commercial construction industry by being so involved in the legislation surrounding this industry. To learn more about our involvement in the local, state, and federal government, please give us a call today. Our team can answer any questions you may have or provide you more information regarding our legislative priorities.