Our Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about us or our membership opportunities? Read through some of our frequently asked questions to learn more about who we are.
1Is an ABC East Florida membership for an individual or for the company? That is, can more than one employee from the same company attend events and other member opportunities?
The ABC Florida East Coast Chapter memberships are at the company level. When a commercial construction company joins our community, it means that all employees within that company are welcome to attend any and all of our nearly 50 business development annual events in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Brevard, FL Counties. We believe that all-employee access promotes greater attendance, engagement, and networking opportunities for our members.
2Do you allow installment payments for membership?
No, we require full membership dues for the year once you join. However, many new members opt to charge the entire amount of membership dues to a credit card, and then pay the credit card company in installments. For new members who use a corporate credit card with points, frequent flyer miles, or other cash-back rewards programs, the extra benefit to this method is that the cardholder will earn card rewards on top of membership resources.
3Does ABC East Florida have a member referral service?
If you need a referral for our commercial construction trade association, please contact Jay Sweeney from our regional Coconut Beach headquarters at jsweeney@abceastflorida.com.
4Does ABC East Florida have any ABC-member-only discounts on products and services offered?
Yes, we do! Special member discounts at both the company and employee level are just one of the many benefits to joining our nationwide trade association. To see a full list of discounts from national providers like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Verizon, Lowe’s, Ford, FedEx, and more, please visit our membership discounts pages for Business Discounts or individual-level Employee Discounts.
5How do I get invited to events?
One of our core activities to support the ABC East Florida Mission Statement is to “provide a forum for common exchange and camaraderie through membership, services, and networking.” We do that through numerous events throughout the year aimed at education, industry news, local and national policy, networking, best practices and safety, and so much more.

Depending on the topic and nature of the event, some of these opportunities are open to the general public and some are for ABC East Florida members only. Check out our calendar for a list of upcoming events in your area. If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact Jay Sweeney at jsweeney@abceastflorida.com to register.
6What is the cost to join?
ABC East Florida memberships are offered at the company level to include all company employees. We offer several levels of membership with different levels of access and benefits to suit your needs, so please visit our online membership application for current levels and pricing!
7How do I become a member?
Simply go to our online membership application, fill in some brief information, and complete the online checkout! It’s that easy. All dues are required in full at the time of joining. If you have questions, please contact our Coconut Beach regional headquarters by emailing Jay Sweeney at jsweeney@abceastflorida.com. Start connecting with other industry professionals today and grow your business. Join ABC East Florida now!
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