We Are Passionate About Educating Florida’s Current and Future Contractors

While it may be tough to find a construction job at first, an easy way to increase your chances of getting hired is getting the right training to do the job that you are applying for. That is why the team at ABC Florida East Coast Chapter is dedicated to providing those in the area the high-quality training opportunities that they need to succeed in this field.

In addition to our educational opportunities, we can help you find the perfect job for you once your training is complete. We do our best to help potential employees connect with the right commercial contractors in their preferred line of work. Our commercial construction association is prepared to help you stay up to date on all the necessary construction safety training and career opportunities to help you succeed in this job market.

Not only can we help those looking for a job in construction, but we can also help construction companies looking for the right employee to complete their team. We can handle it all, from pre-screenings to drug testing, to ensure you find the right recent graduate for your job.

Qualifications To Begin Your Construction Career

There are a few necessary qualifications that someone must meet before they begin the construction training process. These qualifications include that you’re:
• At least 18 years old.
• Able to read, write, and understand English.
• Able to do math at an 8th-grade level.
• Able to legally work in the United States.
• Able to handle the demands of a construction worksite physically.
• Able to pass a drug test.
• Able to have reliable transportation when necessary.
• Able to provide punctual and reasonable response times.

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We Offer A Wide Range Of Courses

At ABC Florida East Coast we offer multiple courses and training opportunities to get you ready for your career in the construction industry. We offer six areas of focus that you can choose from to jumpstart your commercial construction career. These six areas include:
Masonry: These courses focus on all aspects of masonry including alignments, using proper tools, and laying out foundations and walls.
Electrical: You will learn about electrical work, design, installation appliances, and risk assessments. This particular track also includes information regarding computer-aided design and preventative maintenance.
Carpentry: This track prepares you for multiple types of carpentry work such as finish trim, cabinet making, and so much more.
HVAC: Our HVAC track can prepare you to read blueprints, install new HVAC units, understand electrical wiring, and keep data for your clients.
Plumbing: With our plumbing training you’ll learn important skills such as technical skills, effective communication, and problem-solving.
Safety and Supervision: We will complete your construction education with courses in safety. We’ll go over licensing, certifications, and business practices.


Contact Us Today To Get Started!

At ABC Florida East Coast Chapter we have several convenient locations to help you get started in your commercial construction career. Our Miami-Dade Regional Office and Training Center are located in Doral, FL. Our Space Coast Regional Office is located in Melbourne, FL.

Whether you are interested in starting a career in the HVAC industry or the plumbing industry, our highly experienced construction contractors are more than prepared to help. Our construction apprenticeship school is dedicated to helping you get the education you need to ensure you can succeed in your new career field. To learn more about our construction safety training and educational opportunities, please give us a call today! We're proud to help clients throughout Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Pierce, Melbourne, FL, and the surrounding communities.