Construction Law & Regulations for West Palm Beach, FL

Located in southern Florida, West Palm Beach is a luxury area surrounded by grand hotels, businesses, restaurants, and shopping malls. The area is considered home to approximately 117,000 yearly residents and continuously grows as the years pass. Not only is the population of West Palm Beach, FL growing, but the skyline and presence of businesses are always evolving. While all businesses start with an idea, construction companies are the base for beginning a new project.

Our goal at ABC Florida East Coast Chapter is to provide local West Palm Beach, FL with the knowledge of construction law, and the tools of knowing about construction regulations and construction safety training. Our program can best set up your commercial contractors to be successful on the job site, and help to promote the success of your local construction company.


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Whether you are beginning a construction company startup or feel that your commercial contractors need a refresher on their construction safety training, we encourage you to speak with one of our representatives. Our construction apprenticeship school is the premier learning experience for commercial builders in West Palm Beach, FL.