We Have Our Own Chapter Store

At ABC Florida East Coast Chapter we truly do our best to ensure your business can succeed. That includes providing your business with the materials that you need. That is why we are proud to offer our members a chapter store which they can use to get the materials they need to run their businesses properly.

Our chapter store sells both legal construction signs and log books to make your next commercial construction job even easier. Whether you are interested in purchasing one of our construction signs for your job site or need the perfect log book to make sure you properly document all the important aspects of your construction job, our team is prepared to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We Can Provide Construction Site Signs For Your Business

Construction signs are crucial for construction sites to ensure the safety of those in the area. It is also required by Florida law that construction sites post the correct construction signs throughout the site. If you are looking for construction signs for your commercial construction site, we are more than prepared to help.

The signs our team offers are reusable so you can use them for your current construction site and any upcoming jobs you have. Our signs are durable, made from aluminum, and are 24”x36” in size. We take the time to make sure that our signs meet all Florida laws when it comes to sign language and lettering necessary to prosecute under F.S. 812 and 810. We also make sure that our signs are easy to display throughout your construction site by giving them riveted corners for easy mounting to construction fences.

At ABC Florida East Coast Chapter we sell a wide variety of construction signs for contractors throughout the area. Some of our sign options include:
• Felony Signs
• Drug Signs
• Hard Hat Signs

If someone chooses to break into your construction site when there are no visible signs, it is a misdemeanor. However, if they choose to break into your job site when you do have visible signs, it is considered a felony. Protect yourself, your job site, and your business with one of our signs.

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Order A Site Sign Today!

Felony Sign
Front side is in English
Members – $35.00
Non-Members – $70.00

Felony Sign
Reverse side is in Spanish
Members – $35.00
Non-Members – $70.00

Drug Sign
Members – $30.00
Non-Members – $60.00

Hard Hat Sign
Members – $20.00
Non-Members – $40.00

We can even customize our signs with your company’s logo to make them your own. Our durable, reusable signs are also strong enough to be able to stand up against the harsh Florida weather we experience, meaning the lettering won’t fade and you will be able to use these signs time and time again. Order your construction sign today!

We Also Offer Log Books For Our Members

As a business owner, keeping all of your notes and files in an easily accessible place where you can be sure you won’t lose them is imperative. At ABC Florida East Coast Chapter we offer log books to help make the recordkeeping process even easier for you.

In our log books you can store key information for your business such as equipment issues, information regarding projects you complete, work authorizations, any problems or delays you experience, special assignments, subcontractor progress, and so much more. Don’t worry about losing your notes and files any more. Instead, utilize one of our log books.

The Standard Edition
• One page per day
• 365 days
• Single volume
• 7×10” book
• Ideal for superintendents and supervisors

The Pocket Edition
• One page per day
• 92 days
• Sewn pages with soft cover
• 4×6½” style
• Perfect for foremen, crew leaders, and supervisors

Order a log book today!


For More Information, Call Us Today!

At ABC Florida East Coast Chapter we want to help your business succeed, which is why we sell log books and legal construction signs for your business. To learn more about our products or to order one of our signs or log books, please give us a call today!